Convenience and Pharmacy Free Standing Floor Display

Chemist Cardboard Display


  • Create a display to present brand’s identity and win the marketing competition
  • Customers can identify the country of origin(Australia) at a glance
  • As much as area for advertising


  • Temporary cardboard design – for keep the cost lower and can change different design for seasonal
  • Glossy laminated finish – show vibrant color well (main color – blue&yellow)
  • Simple assembly – 3-5 minutes build up for the store
  • Packed flat – 1 pieces a set of display in one carton, so can send it to the store individually
  • 3D cut out side looking – the kangaroo is the symbol of Australia, make the picture protrude to the right a little bit, looks more vivid.
  • Space for testing product – we separated two room on the top shelf. The left is for more advertising to showing the brand and feature, the right is for the store to put testing product in there. The customer can try and test it.


This worked out great, sturdy cardboard and sets up rather easily so that’s an unreasonable expectation. I defintely will do more in the future, I love to work with your company. One more questions, can we have a peg design for my other brand? attached product…..” ——John

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